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From humble beginnings to industry leading experts

Founded in 1959, the RM Watson team initially worked as specialist contractors in the natural stone fixing industry. With the decline in the use of natural stone during the 1970’s and the growth of the precast concrete industry, the company evolved firstly into the fixing of precast concrete and then into the repair of our built environment. In the current day, our project managers and site team have diversified their expertise to respond to the ever-growing range of structures and building materials that are present across Australia’s modern built environment.

Our team apply their breadth of knowledge and innate understanding of construction and remediation to not only carry out traditional repair methodologies, but also address the numerous complications that arise as architects and designers employ “new” materials to make their structure stand out. We strive for innovation and development in the field of construction under the guise of the experience and superior structural knowledge we developed over the last 60 years.

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RM Watson is made up of over 50 employees across NSW. We pride ourselves on the ‘hands on’ approach our company directors maintain across the lifetime of all projects.

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The RM Watson Story

Founded in April 1959 by Raymond Maurice Watson, RM Watson initially worked as a specialist contractor in the natural stone fixing industry.
RM Watson quickly developed a proud reputation as Australia’s leading stone mason, responsible for the stone work of some of Australia’s most historic landmarks including The Mint, The War Memorial and the Reserve Bank.
RM Watson’s expertise evolved in line with the growth of the precast concrete industry in Australia, a material not widely understood at the time. The RM Watson team were responsible for maintaining some of Australia’s most iconic concrete structures including the Water Board Building, Parliament House and the Blues Point Tower.
RM Watson’s combined expertise in stone and concrete saw the company’s focus shift to the remediation of old and new structures, a key priority for the business to this day.
Under the leadership of Tony Watson, RM Watson began to introduce new remedial techniques to the repair industry, focusing on solutions that delivered enduring structural integrity.
As a leader in the industry, RM Watson re-defined how successful remedial projects were measured. Prioritising the delivery of safe, sustainable projects for both our clients and staff.
RM Watson’s focus shifted to the refurbishment and repositioning of assets, helping clients realise the true value of their property portfolio.
2020 to Today
RM Watson is successfully addressing the problems of a 20 year building boom under self-certification.

60+ Years Delivering Effective Remedial Solutions

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We pride ourselves on ensuring the highest quality of work is maintained across the lifetime of all projects. Your project success is out project success. That is our commitment to you.

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