Remedial Repairs

60+ years of experience in responding to the most complicated of repair needs.

Remedial solutions that deliver long term results.

RM Watson is a remedial building specialist. Our passion lies in identifying and solving the structural and aesthetic issues of your building or asset.

We specialise in the repair and upgrade of commercial, residential and industrial structures. The solutions delivered by the RM Watson team are built to last and reduce the need for ongoing maintenance costs.

All projects delivered by the RM Watson team are on occupied structures.  We work collaboratively with asset managers, owner’s corporations and commercial property managers alike to  deliver solutions that impose minimal to no disruptions on premise occupants and ensure their absolute safety.

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Concrete Repairs

Cracked, drummy or rust stained concrete are all symptoms of concrete spalling. Caused by a range of factors from deficiencies in the original construction process to proximity to a harsh coastal environment, the structural and safety risks posed by deteriorating concrete should not be ignored. RM Watson’s concrete repair solutions work to identify the root cause of spalling and carry out repairs to address the ongoing safety and structural issues affecting the asset.

Magnesite Repairs

The repair of magnesite affected slabs can impact significantly on all residents in the block, not just the unit being repaired. If not carried out properly it can also require multiple repairs over the years as untreated slab areas spall. Our repair process not only addresses the immediate area of concern but by the application of corrosion inhibitors, slows the rate of corrosion to reduce the ongoing impact of the original magnesite.

Render Repairs

Render can crack or delaminate from the substrate for a number of reasons. Accurate diagnosis of the cause of deterioration is essential in ensuring the success of the repair of the render. RM Watson has seen every type of issue affecting render and successfully addressed all offering permanent solutions to generally very unsightly and sometimes unsafe façade issues.


Our experience tells us that the main cause of water penetration in buildings is poor detailing, whether from incorrectly installed flashings, inadequate turn ups at walls, incorrect material selection or in many cases, ‘band aid’ repair attempts. Our specialist solutions involve careful diagnosis of the source of water ingress, proper selection of the type of membrane and installation by our specialist tradespeople.

Balcony Refurbishment

RM Watson’s balcony refurbishment expertise ranges from retiling to the rectification of leaks through waterproof membrane system upgrades. We work to identify the root cause of your balcony defects to ensure the repair methodology and materials proposed are robust and fit for purpose.

Structural Strengthening

From corrosion of steel reinforcement, deterioration of structural steel supports or overloading of retaining walls, over time, structures can fail. Bespoke repair can address these issues to avoid the worst-case scenario. From carbon fibre strengthening of concrete to underpinning of footings or installation of supplementary support structures, RM Watson will design and install a solution to address the most challenging of issues.

Remedial Solutions Built to Last

RM Watson’s remedial solutions effectively address numerous building issues including:

  • Magnesite induced concrete spalling
  • Deteriorating façade render
  • Water ingress, rising damp and mould problems
  • Cracked, drummy or rust stained concrete
  • Balconies that are leaking or cracking

With over 60 years of experience, our on-site expertise includes:

  • Investigation and buildability analysis
  • Design, development and certification of proposed remedial solutions
  • Delivery of on-site construction works
  • Project Management
  • Management of manufacturer and subcontractor warranties
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Remedial Repair

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