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Specialists in the rectification of flammable, non-compliant cladding systems.

We have expertise to ensure assets are not only compliant, they are 100% safe.

One of the most common issues the remedial construction industry is currently responsible for rectifying is the widespread use of non-compliant ACP cladding systems.

RM Watson has been replacing non-compliant façade cladding systems for over 10 years. We combine our experience in various façade solutions with our advanced systems for working on occupied sites to deliver unrivalled quality projects.

We offer a comprehensive, end-to-end approach for all combustible cladding replacement projects. From statutory approvals, full design, delivery and final certification, our approach ensures your expectations are met and liability issues and legal responsibilities are satisfied, giving you 100% peace of mind in the safety and durability of your asset.

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Combustible Cladding Replacement

Aluminium composite panels consisting of a flammable core, most commonly polyethylene, pose a significant risk of combustion and is recommended to be removed. RM Watson’s cladding rectification process ensures that all identified ACP cladding is removed, recycled and replaced with an alternative compliant, certified cladding system.

Passive Fire Upgrades

The enabling works required to address shortfalls in fire separation usually require disruption of numerous finished surfaces. While the point of the exercise is to achieve certifiable fire chambers in a structure, this is only half the job. RM Watson ensures units are returned to, at least, their pre-commencement condition, leaving owners with peace of mind but also their home restored to new.

Asbestos Removal

Safely removing asbestos containing materials requires a team of trained, licensed professionals. RM Watson’s asbestos removal process ensures that identified materials are removed and disposed of in the safest and most efficient manner.

Lead Paint Removal

Widely used across Australian structures until the 1970’s, lead paint can have serious health consequences as it deteriorates and forms dust particles. RM Watson have the specialised equipment and monitoring systems in place to ensure lead-based paints are safely removed without contaminating the surrounding area or damaging the underlying building structure.

Balustrade Replacement

Deteriorating and non-compliant balustrades can pose a significant safety and legal hazard to building owners and are therefore important to rectify. Our team of building specialists work with you to design a replacement balustrade system that complies with Australian Standards while also reinvigorating the appearance of your asset.

Preliminary Investigation

Unsure about whether your current cladding system is combustible? RM Watson offer preliminary laboratory testing to determine the nature of cladding installed across your façade. Our team of experts also undertake deconstructive investigation works to provide guidance on the most suitable rectification methodology for your asset.

We know Cladding Rectification

We ensure your expectations are met and liability issues and legal responsibilities are satisfied.

RM Watson’s Cladding Rectification Process

  1. Initial dentification of non-compliant cladding through laboratory testing  
  2. Preliminary deconstructive investigation works to determine the original construction method.
  3. Statutory approvals including DBP Act compliance
  4. Removal of original cladding panels and installation of compliant, replacement façade system
  5. Recycling of original panels, successfully diverting 100% of removed materials from landfill
  6. Final certification
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