Heritage Restoration

Successful heritage restoration projects are defined by what the eye does not see.

We understand the commitment and detail required to restore assets to their former glory.

The origins of RM Watson lie in stone having built sandstone, granite and trachyte buildings in numerous cities in Australia. The RM Watson team have been responsible for safeguarding the character and defining elements of Australia’s most prestigious structures for over 60 years. As pillars of national importance, we understand the commitment and detail required to restore assets to their former glory.

Our heritage restoration services and techniques are designed to last, ensuring minimal repeat work on site. Many of RM Watson’s repair projects were completed 20 years ago without need for further maintenance. Enduring structural and façade integrity is how we define success.

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Steel Window Repairs & Replacement

Insitu repair of windows can only be done successfully if the works are carried out before the corrosion has led to distortion of the frame. If glass has cracked and the sashes are jammed the windows must be removed and either repaired or replaced. RM Watson has the experience to ensure the selected repair method offer a long-term solution to the issues affecting the windows.

Stone Masonry Upgrades

RM Watson’s stonemasonry skills are used to restore and protect the grand stone buildings that define our cities. By the careful selection and installation of replacement stone and other specialist repair techniques, we can repair the damage done to natural stone by the harsh Australian environment and ensure these monuments last for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Brick Repairs

The success of our brick repair work is measured by what the eye does not see. The less obtrusive the repair, the greater our satisfaction with the final result. From brick replacement, crack repair, lintel replacement to replacing brick ties, the secret to a great job is not being able to see any work after it is completed.

Render Repairs

Render can crack or delaminate from the substrate for a number of reasons. Accurate diagnosis of the cause of deterioration is essential in ensuring the success of the repair of the render. RM Watson has seen every type of issue affecting render and successfully addressed all offering permanent solutions to generally very unsightly and sometimes unsafe façade issues.

Facade Coatings

Façade coatings are an economical solution to help protect your asset against the ravages of our harsh, salt-rich environment. RM Watson’s services range from the installation of architectural coatings to high-build acrylic membrane systems depending on the specific service and design requirements of the site.

Lead Paint Removal

Widely used across Australian structures until the 1970’s, lead paint can have serious health consequences as it deteriorates and forms dust particles. RM Watson have the specialised equipment and monitoring systems in place to ensure lead-based paints are safely removed without contaminating the surrounding area or damaging the underlying building structure.

Repairing Australia since 1959

RM Watson has been safeguarding some of Australia’s most notable landmarks since 1959.

Previous Heritage Restoration projects include:

  • The Sydney Opera House
  • Parliament House, Canberra
  • Royal Australian Mint, Canberra
  • Australian War Memorial, Canberra
  • The Astor Apartments, Sydney

Experience the RM Watson Difference.

With over 60 years of experience, our on-site expertise includes:

  • Investigation and buildability analysis
  • Design, development and certification of proposed heritage restoration solutions
  • Delivery of on-site construction works
  • Project Management
  • Management of manufacturer and subcontractor warranties
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Heritage Restoration

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